Problem di-yuan--U-U-E-N-S-A-N-N

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Nodes 11
Demands 22
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Originator -
Contributor Di Yuan, ITN, Linkoeping University
Submission date 17.10.2005
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Solutions provided to SNDlib:

objective contributor submission date additional information
729100.00 Sebastian Orlowski 20.12.2005 path-flow LP with column generation, B&C with metric inequalities, time limit 1h

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Dual bounds provided to SNDlib:

dual bound contributor submission date additional information
656600.00 Christian Raack 06.11.2006 taken from di-yuan--U-U-E-N-C-A-N-N
534593.43 Sebastian Orlowski 19.12.2005 taken from di-yuan--U-U-E-N-I-A-N-N

Note: we encourage you to submit dual bounds to a problem if you have them. However, in contrast to primal solutions, we cannot check dual bounds for validity, which is why dual bounds are only listed here together with their contributor.

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